New Semester

Classes started this week.  I have one assignment of reading which I’ll tackle this weekend I think.  I also have a few other things I want to get done before the semester gets into full swing.  My to do list include finishing a few sewing projects, making fake blood to redo my cover shot for my book, and a few other things.  Well in reality there are about two dozen other things but I know I won’t get it all done.  I did spend some time organizing my desk.  I have things in piles.  I might have to actually write up a to-do list and see how it comes out. 
I enjoyed my Book Editing class.  My instructor is sarcastic and ironic.  I like that.  First impressions are good.  Now I’ll just have to see how the semester plays out.  I didn’t have my Monday night class yet because of course this last Monday was a holiday.  I’m looking forward to finding out about that class. 

The Fiction Writing class I hope will be a challenge so I end up with expanding my writing muscles.  I also hope I come out with product I can submit for publication.  I am most apprehensive about this class as my last writing class was such a debacle.  Time will tell I guess…

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