I’ve been deliberately offline for nearly two weeks.  In this time I’ve only looked at email for urgent stuff and to dump the junk mail.  I focused on time with my family and crocheting.

I lost track of the number of items (see the pictures) I finished while Vicki was home.  I did finish off one complete bag of yarn for her, as well as a few projects which weren’t in any bags.  I know I finished at least nine things on her list but I also added in a few more things as she bought more yarn for me to work with.

It was quiet and calming to not be online or at work.  For the most part, she and I hung out at home though there were a few days we ran errands.  I loved making the items.  It’s wonderful to pick up yarn and with a few strokes create something useful and beautiful.  I’m pleased with most of what came out.

Since she returned home, I’ve been working on projects for my girls in Georgia.  I should finish them tonight – I hope.  Once those are done, I’m going to clear out my project basket and work on the other projects I set aside to work on stuff for all my girls.  I think there are three or four projects in there I would like to finish.

However, at the same time, I’d like to get back to writing.  I have a novel to edit and two to finish writing.  I’ll be switching off between the two I guess.  I’m currently watching a tv show while I crochet so I may have to finish the last ten episodes before I go back to writing.  This will mean crocheting while I watch.

Yesterday I watched two craftsy classes while I did prep for dishtowels.  It was nice to switch things up and listen to other things than television shows.  When I get back to editing, I’ll probably put music on again.  I’ve not listened to much for music lately as I’ve been busy crocheting.  I’ve either been watching tv shows or movies.  I’m back to working out a balance of tasks – writing, crocheting, and family time.

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