On the Back Deck

It’s a three day weekend!  Yesterday I sat on my back deck and spent time with Vicki, Ken and Beth.  I also sat in the front yard and talked to the same people, my mom and my sister.

Today I’ve had breakfast, made a decision on paint color for the kitchen, and worked on the computer.  There is more work to do on the computer.  I’m hoping my legs last long enough for me to get it all done.

I’ve been plagued with headaches for about three weeks.  It’s annoying and frustrating because there is a lot I want to get done but can’t because my head hurts.  What do I need?  A massage.  Unfortunately the budget is not going to stretch for one of those.

The problem with my being down with a headache, I have all these ideas bouncing around in my head and I cannot accomplish any of them.  Depending on the level of headache, sitting in a dark room with silence is about the only thing I can do.

Unusual for me on a Sunday, I’ve caught up my emails.  I try to take the one day away from all things work like so I can have the downtime my mind needs.  This may be tomorrow as I had a ton of emails to get through.

I’m hoping to get rid of the current headache and either crochet or write after I’m done on the computer.  I’ve got Wayfarer 17 pushing at me as well as a few other projects.  However, I’m looking at my pile of crochet projects and they are pushing on me too.  I need more time to do stuff – someone needs to win the lottery.

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