Anne Rainey

The shy and awkward Phoebe Martin is nothing like the women Dax normally dates. He enjoys them flirty and cooperative—and naked. But Phoebe’s buttoned-up attitude and disapproving glare turns him on.

Go figure.

When he overhears her agonizing over a work Christmas party—where she’s required to dress as an elf and bring a date—Dax steps up, more than eager to be her very own Santa.

Phoebe is fed up with aggressive men.

She vows the next guy she dates will be the quiet, mild-mannered type. Someone who doesn’t give her ulcers. Is that so much to ask? Then the drool-worthy Dax Hale rides into her life on his sleek black motorcycle, sending her blood pressure skyrocketing. When he offers to be her escort for her boss’ holiday bash, Phoebe can’t say no. She needs him.

But will Dax be her savior or her downfall

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