One Final Scene

Three weeks to write 90,000 words and complete a story.  I have finally gotten through the battle scene.  I have one more wrap up scene to bring together all of my plot points and then I’m done.  I should finish that today.

The full moon is on the tenth so I should have this done before then.  This weekend my plan is to work on the next poetry book.  I’m hoping to get final selection of the poems done.  I also think I can finalize the cover.  Then it will be time for production.  All the fun prep work before I can put it out in book format.

My Defenders series is grumbling at me.  There are so many layers to this series I need to get back to that to do list.  I have to make some final decisions on the content of the first book.  I have to figure out what I’m doing on the art for it.  I need to work on editing the second book.  I need to finish writing the third book. 

I’m hoping once I get the poetry book done, I can focus solely on the fantasy series.  If I become a bit obsessive about it, I’m more likely to get the work done. 

On the other side of life, I need to get my craft room organized and start thinking about holiday gifts.  It is already August and I’ve not decided what I want to do.  In the last three weeks, I’ve only made a wedding gift. 

I’m sadly lacking balance right now with writing being the focus of all my non-work hours.  Even Ken has gotten the “What do you need, I’m writing.” attitude from me.

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