One Step at a Time

Frustration abounds for me right now.  There are a lot of things happening for me with my writing.  I’ve got a sale going on through Smashwords, a blog tour coming up in less than a week, and a reader event I’m trying to get organized to go to. 

Each of these has many steps and components I need to pay attention to.  Meaning – get busy and work on them.  I’ve finished making the star coasters.  I started making bibs per a request from my daughter.  I decided if I was making bibs, I might as well design them so I can publish a leaflet.  I’ve got ideas for each.  The first one turned out FABULOUS!  I have five or six more designs I want to try as well as having one started. 

There are all these steps and each time I work on a different one, I think I should be working on eight other steps.  I keep reminding myself I can only do one or two things at a time but my manager in my head (who is a slave driver) keeps telling me to do MORE!!!!

It’s difficult for me to sit down to crochet for hours because in my head I’m thinking – I need to do this and that and ten other things.  For instance, I have all the components for the 100 gift bags.  Next step, assemble them.  Okay – I need to get them all in one place.  I need to punch holes in the bookmarks and gift card and then attach (how am I attaching them?) all of them together. 

This task leads me to the gift basket I want to get ready – I have to make a decision on whether I’m crocheting something or not.  Along with this crochet project, I’m trying to crochet things for publication… the list is endless. 

I know I’m in overload when I sit down with the intentions of working and my brain can’t settle on one thing so I end up playing a game on my phone.  My to do list helps but insomnia doesn’t.  I know the key to success – prioritize and delegate.  My daughters step in and help. 

The other night, I got a video call from the two in Georgia.  They wanted to show me some things they made.  The two of them worked on some good stuff for me to take with me in November to have on my table for a giveaway!  I didn’t ask them to but they went ahead and made them.  They looked super cute and I LOVED them.  It was so sweet and helpful. 

Ultimately I’m busy – over busy right now.  I need to let go the frustration, keep reminding myself one thing at a time, and keep moving forward.  Now I need to stop thinking seven or a hundred steps ahead and focus.  I need to remember I’ll get stuff done and things will slow down.  I keep thinking – take a deep breath and relax. 

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