Today is a day for ME.  I’m being selfish today and ignoring the world.  After I make a few calls and take care of small amount of business, I’m going to work on writing.  Yesterday in a short period of time I got more than two chapters done. 
Last night Vicki came to tell me good night and I was struggling a bit with a moral dilemma in my story.  My characters were trying to decide the “right” thing to do.  When I told Vicki the options I saw, she said “Take the fourth option.”  I laughed and said I didn’t have a fourth option.  She said yes and then told me what it could be.  I laughed again.  Me who normally sees all sorts of options in life had narrowed my focus so much I couldn’t see this other option.  As soon as she said it I was like – Oh!!!  Yeah… okay and soon the story wrote itself. 

This is a nice kick in the bum for me.  It reminds me to see more options than just the obvious ones.  Sometimes we stumble through life just going with what is obvious.  Do you ever stop to wonder what would happen if you stepped away from the obvious and looked at life from a little different perspective? 

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