I watched the Governor’s news conference today.  He tried to convince all of us what a horrible position we are in.  He can say we are broke a million times and every time he does I think about the tax breaks he gave his cronies.  What he really said were half truths and lies.  I get that he is trying everything in his power to convince the citizens of Wisconsin that he is being truthful and trying to do what is best for Wisconsin.  He comes across as a slick used car salesman.

I watched the Democrats’ response to the Governor’s news conference.   I think they were genuine in their response.  I listened to the Republicans attempt to bully the Democrats and realized that they were doing their best to stand up to them. 

Walker says that the stimulus money was misappropriated.  Where is his proof?  I worked for the DOT and I know how careful everyone was for making sure about how the money was spent.  I know that we let (this means to put out for bid) a billion dollars worth of contracts which is twice what we normally do in a year.  We worked our asses off to get that money out to the contractors.  I’m offended that he would accuse us of spending it unwisely or erroneously. 

Walker said nothing new in his speech.  He just spewed more of the same rhetoric.  I saw Republicans yelling at Democrats because they weren’t getting their way.  It is sad that adults who are supposed to be leaders act like bullies on the playground.

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  1. THANK YOU! You know as well as I do, MUCH work was done with stimulus money…I was only allowed to do work on stimulus projects! When I left, there were 424 stimulus projects, most completed but several that were in progress, to be completed, or carried over to 2012.

    It seems that all the republicans can do is LIE! And what gets me is how many people don't bother to check facts for themselves; they just believe what they (want to) hear, then keep repeating it as if that will make it true – or they act like no one is speaking out against t hem. They are like little kids with their hands over their ears, saying "I can't hear you! La la la la la. I can't hear you!"

  2. I think every state worker knows how difficult the economy is. I think most state workers are doing their best to help the state save money. I know that when I worked at the DOT I got an award for providing a money saving idea. Wherever I work, I attempt to find better ways of doing things and cut out the chaff. In my current position, I'm doing my darndest to reduce the amount of paper we produce because ultimately paper costs money and we use a LOT of it. It is an insult for Walker and the Republicans to sit there and say we misappropriated funds. It might also be criminal because isn't that libel?

    Lies might sway people to begin with but with the national coverage those lies will be found out and revealed. What will his backing do when he goes down the tubes for the lies he has told? In all likelihood, they will hang him out to dry.

    All we can do is hope that the lies are revealed before too much damage is done….

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