Don’t you just love fall with the smell of cool crisp air and the turning of leaves… oh and let’s not forget the lovely political ads that bombard us.  I’m sick of all the lying that I hear on the radio and tv.  For once I would like a politician to say – here are my beliefs – and just list them – whatever they are.  Then I would like to hear how that politician will deal with conflicting desires of constituants – because their job is to represent the PEOPLE…

I’ve taken to muting the tv when an ad comes on and turning the radio off because you can’t believe a single thing that is said – oh except of course the names are correct and that they are in fact running for office.  If producers of things created such deceptive ads they would be sued till the cows come home… our politicians just keep slinging the mud and lies.  It is disheartening.

I vote.  I vote and contact reps and I try to be aware but how do we wade through the neck deep bullshit that is getting shoveled?  My union calls – we support… and list off the names… the democratic party calls… can we count on your support… I just want them to tell me straight forward what their beliefs are and how they will behave in office. 

I’m naive enough to still want that.  I’m cynical enough to know I’ll never get it.  So I’ll keep muting my tv and turning off the radio… is it November yet?

2 thoughts on “Politics….

  1. I know exactly what you mean. No matter who we elect, it feels like somewhere between the election and the swearings-in all of the people we've elected are replaced with all of the people we just voted out.

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