Patience is a virtue… right?

Still waiting to hear about the job.  I’m anxiously waiting to hear.  I want the job as it offers a lot of advantages  The new job will be more diverse than the one I currently have.  It will offer a variety of tasks to keep me busy.  It will be a different atmosphere than I’m used to.  Additionally I’ll save money on gas as I will be commuting nearly half the time I am now.  I think health wise it will be better too.  The distance I need walk to get into the building is mush shorter than my current job.  This should reduce the amount of pain I’m in and make life more bearable.  I’ll also be able to better utilize my pool membership – ending my day with a walk in the pool and a soak in the hot tub will be great. 

Now I just have to wait until they complete their background check and let me know.  Hopefully I will get the job and know soon.  I’m constantly thinking about it.  The more I think about it the more I want it and the more impatient I get to know the result.  It is very much a circular issue. 

So I’ve been trying to keep busy.  Really it isn’t working very well so I just have to take a deep breath and pull in the tattered shreds of my minute amount of patience…

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