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Last week I had my first job interview in about five years.  It was an interesting day for me because I wasn’t nervous at all until I got in the car to drive from my house to the interview.  I’d worked all day with barely a thought about it. Then on the way to the interview I was suddenly slammed with doubt and insecurity concerning the entire process. 

I called my daughter and she was a little help but I was pretty nervous when I walked into the building.  I had a long interview – about an hour – but to be honest I couldn’t tell you how good I did.  I walked away thinking okay that wasn’t horrible.  However, since then I’ve done nothing but think about how I could have said something better or did I come off this way or that way.  I know I’m over thinking the entire thing yet I can’t seem to let it go. 

I should hear about the job this week.  My guess is that I didn’t get it but that could be stemming from my over thinking the whole process.  I’m normally a very confident person so for me to be so unsure is annoying and frustrating.  Perhaps part of this is because I don’t have any control on the outcome so I just have to wait and see.  My part in the process is done and I can’t go back to change anything.  I just have to take a deep breath and hope that I get the job.

I’ve got my fingers crossed…..

2 thoughts on “Job Interview

  1. I'm in a somewhat similar position–applying for "jobs" after years of "pitching projects." Very different skills. I'm choosing to go to my interviews thinking of them not as jobs for which I am hoping to be chosen, but doors I am opening. I can open a lot of doors. Maybe the door will be closed. Maybe I'll choose to walk away rather than walk through. But it helps to not think of it as a petition for something.

  2. Well I hope the right door opens for you and you get a perfect job that taps into your amazing skills and talents. Now is a difficult time to be job hunting. My daughter and I just had a conversation about how she has been graduated from her masters for three months and still hasn't found a job. Most of her fellow graduates haven't either. It is a tough market with LOTS of competition… hopefully we are both successful in finding what we need.

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