Yesterday Vicki and I were particularly productive.  She got the kitchen and dining room floors cleaned.  She cleaned up in those two rooms and the two bathrooms.  She even cleaned up a bit in the living room which was sort of her thing because she crafted on Saturday and had stuff sprawled out. 

In addition to all of Vicki’s productiveness in cleaning, she and I cooked a lot of stuff.  She made two types of pudding and blackberry crisp and chicken carbonara.  I made meatloaf and turkey meatballs.  On Saturday, Vicki made two pans of lasagna.  We put in the freezer eight containers of meatloaf, six bags of turkey meatballs, and a dozen containers of carbonara.  We also shared food with a friend who came and picked up. 

Vicki and I also made two containers of shampoo for her.  Vicki put my lotion back on the stove to melt to see if she could get the turmeric to mix in better.  It did a bit but still settled to the bottom.  We will have to try oil.

In addition to the cooking, I got an eleven page paper edited and a three page paper for school written.  I also did some reading for school though I didn’t finish that.  In the evening I made two gifts.  It was a busy and productive day. 

At the end of the day, I gave Vicki a back, arm, and leg rub because she was wore out and sore from all the work.  I used the lotion she made and gave her a thorough rub down – her skin should be in lovely shape now.  I’m pretty sure she is still sore though.

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