Rainbow Desires – Her Rogue Identity

Her Rogue by Patricia Elliott

Ashlynn spends so much time defending her gender that it’s getting annoying. But when an accident reveals new information, she learns that the world may have gotten it right after all.

What do you do when everyone sees things as black and white, male and female, and you don’t fit into either category?

Can she find a way to survive in this new gray or is the battle too much for her to handle, even with Wesley’s help—her best friend’s brother?

He’s not about to let her give up. He is bound and determined to help her see she’s worth every breath she takes…whether she believes it or not.”


13 thoughts on “Rainbow Desires – Her Rogue Identity

  1. This is a great anthology so diverse in the nature of the stories. I have just read it as an ARC and loved it If you are open to LGBQ+ romance I think you will love it too

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