Reasons to Call Your Mother at 2 in the Morning

My daughters call me at all sorts of odd hours.  They know I’m a night owl and am often up until 1 or 2 in the morning.  However, it doesn’t matter if I’m up or not at 2 in the morning when I see my daughters’ phone number I’m going to pick up. 
This last weekend my middle daughter (yup throwing you under the bus) text me at 2:15 am.  The question was “Are you up?”  Very polite and trying to not be intrusive.  However, I’d been asleep but had just gotten back from the bathroom.  My response was “What’s up?”
Now I am old enough to remember that phone calls at 2 am usually meant that something bad was going on because if you called at 2 am you were likely to wake the whole household.  This meant when you called at 2 am you better have something serious going on. 
Here are a few reasons why you should call at 2 am:
  • I’m in Vegas (or other gambling city) and just got ??? married or won a HUGE jackpot
  • I got in a car accident
  • I’m in the hospital
  • My house (apartment or other dwelling or vehicle) blew up
  • You’re my one phone call as I’ve been arrested.  This one comes with a warning though – as I told my girls when they were in high school – they better have been doing something really important because if you make me lose sleep because you were getting in fights or other stupid things – you better pray the police keep you.
  • I’ve just had a baby – this one is not likely with my daughters but you never know… This is category does not mean you can call me when you’ve found a stray critter on the road while driving home and you’ve decided to keep it… that can wait till morning
  • I’m drunk please come get me – however since my kids all live either 5 or 15 hours away from me, I’m probably not their first choice for a designated driver
  • I decided to surprise you and fly in – the cheapest flight arrived just now – please come get me (since their aunt lives about 10 minutes from the airport they would get a faster response from her – maybe)
  • Other disaster type events that I haven’t thought of

Now if you are calling for any other reason at 2 am I suggest you refer to this list because most people – mom’s in particular – have that gut wrenching feeling of oh shit what happened – when the phone rings at 2 in the morning. 
To be fair, my daughter text first and I was awake so not a big deal.  However, just a note – talking about the movies you’ve been watching all night – not on the above list. 
Will I still answer my daughters at 2 am even if it isn’t for one of these reasons?  Yeah, of course.  I will of course be giving them a hard time about it.

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