Last weekend I drove to Fort Wayne to visit Vicki.  It was fun to take the car out on the interstate and open her up.  Since we bought the new car, I’ve been ridiculously protective of it.  I took a longer route to one event because they had just graveled the road I normally would have taken.

Ken was annoyed with me on this trip because he has this habit of just throwing stuff on the floor while we travel and picking it up when we get to our location.  I wouldn’t let him do that this time.  I made him put all the garbage in a bag so nothing messed up my car.  I was annoyed when he spilled soda on the seat.  To be fair, I wasn’t annoyed with him but the fast food place because they didn’t put the lid on tight.

I did get the car up to 90 while I was driving – I was passing an erratic driver – and she handled beautifully.  I got great gas mileage.  On the way down, I made 35 mpg it took 3/4 of a tank to get there.  On the way back, we had a head wind but I still made 33 mpg.  We would have made it all the way home on one tank but I wanted to make sure we didn’t run out before we hit 39 as there aren’t a lot of good places to stop on that road.

While we were down there, other people drove my car.  I was annoyed because the average mpg was lower than I like.  When I drive it is right around 30 mpg they were driving and it was around 25.  Plus they don’t treat her as nice as I do.  I don’t like that.  See this is my ridiculousness of having a new car.

Vicki said she wanted to trade cars.  I told her absolutely not.  I like my car.  I’m being ridiculous about my car I know but I’m sure in another year or so I’ll stop being so protective and ridiculous about it.  Maybe.

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