Scarlet Peacock

Scarlet Peacock was a bastard child, stripped from her birth mother, and unwanted by the father’s wife, Queen Petra Peacock.

When shame was brought upon the Peacock Kingdom, Scarlet was sent with two of King Gunther Peacock’s servants for protection.

She grew up only knowing one name, Lucia Faust and had no idea of her birthright until she was bought by the highest bidder at the Fair Maiden Proffer.

Lord Duncan Busick was considered an eligible bachelor, wanted by many and all women. He was a vampire and accustomed to being choosy. Yet, there was only one who was deemed the perfect mate by the Lord and his maker, Countess Yvette Cotê, the mysterious bastard daughter, Princess Scarlet Peacock.

Was the princess the perfect eternal match for the Lord of Darkness?

Will she be made to become vampire queen of her late father’s tarnished reign?

L. D. Wosar Bio:

LD Wosar is a bestselling multi-genre author, but writes predominantly PNR. She lives in Las Vegas where she soaks up the sun in the blistering heat…not really. She prefers to stay indoors and write….write…write, while listening to her vast collection of vinyl records.

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