School or not

Recently I was wandering through a college catalog looking for information for my daughter.  Now I’ve wandered through college catalogs a lot.  I almost always look at what classes are offered in English and Writing.  I look, I dream, I move on. 

However, I’m working at the University now.  I looked at the classes for a degree or two.  These sounded interesting.  There is a big part of me that says, “What are you thinking?  You are too old, fat, settled, poor… and a whole lot more to go back to school.”

Then there is that other voice – you know the one – the one that says I double dare you.  Well of course you can’t pass up a double dare.  So being an intelligent researcher – I start looking at the requirements.  Now this is my alma mater so I did my first degree there.  I looked around and there really are a number of classes I would like to take but one class is nearly $1000.  But they have a creative writing, poetry, fiction, screen writer classes that all sound very interesting.

All of this looking and thinking brought up a lot of questions.  I don’t like not knowing stuff.  It frustrates me.  I talked to people and have all this information floating around in my head.  My first degree would allow me to go back and get a second major without having to do anything more than take the classes I want.  However, no financial aid would be available to me. 

If I decide to get a BA or BS then I could get financial aid.  However, I would either have to take a lab science class (yuck) or a year of languages (double yuck).  I’m not good at any of them.  Zoology I got a B and German I got a D.  My mind is saying nope – shouldn’t do this.

Yet the email with all the information sits in my inbox and I can’t delete it.  Do I want to be the oldest student in the classes?  Do I want to deal with a bunch of teenagers in these classes?  Do I want to hassle with tiny little desks?   Do I want to add another degree to my resume?  Would it still leave me time to write?  Will it help me to get published?  This definitely bears thinking about.  I guess that is the stage I’m at – thinking about it.

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