Shadowcraft Academy: Hexed

by Yve Vale

An outcast witch. A rejected mate. Magic is vanishing, and supernaturals are disappearing at an alarming rate.

I didn’t want magic. I was supposed to escape.

Then life delivers an unwanted present for my twentieth birthday—a fated mate.

Now, the only way out of a world filled with magical jerks is to prove that I’m a null. A mage without magic.

Even though my magical bond with my mate suggests the opposite.

Rourke will stop at nothing to sever our magical bond. Maybe I’ll be the next supe to disappear.

This academy is torture. Rourke rules the school. I’m under constant attack.

And I’m surrounded by tempting, but confounding males: an alphahole dragon, a surly vampire, a mercurial druid, and my forbidden fruit, the wolf-shifter teacher. Not to mention the seductive incubus who flirts with me to provoke the dragon.

If I run, the administration will hunt me down. If I don’t learn to control my magic, I’ll be locked up.

And that’s if I’m lucky.

Shadowcraft Academy Series is a medium burn paranormal dark academy reverse harem romance series about one witch and her five love interests.

If you like fated mates, rejected mates, protective, growly alphas, sweet druids, forbidden romance, bully, best friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, and mystery and family secrets, you will love this story. Buy Hexed to ‘heat things up’ today.

This book includes: steamy scenes including M/M scenes, bullying, violence, knotting, and monsters who bump in the night. Please see author notes in ‘look inside’ for more details or visit author’s website.

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