Shaving Cream

Vicki has been making new goodies again.  She made two different types of face wash, a body wash, and shaving cream.  The first one I tried was the shaving cream.  I don’t shave often because I have the eczema on my leg.  Even without the eczema, I never shaved often as it bothered my legs.  I would end up with dry skin and have a lot of irritation. 

With Vicki’s lovely shaving cream, I got none of that.  My legs came out feeling soft and lovely.  Even with the eczema, I didn’t have any issues.  I almost didn’t put the lotion on this morning because my legs felt so good. 
The only bad thing was that it made the shower slippery.  For most people this probably isn’t a problem but I’m a total klutz.  The shaving cream was light and smooth, it felt like silk on my legs and when I was done, my legs felt smooth and silky.

Next I’m going to try her body wash.  It is made with sea salt, oil, and essential oil.  Vicki used it and had great results so I’m looking forward to trying it.

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