She Got IT!!!!!

Vicki got the job!  Friday she was bummed by the time 4:00pm rolled around because Indiana is Eastern Daylight Time it was close of business hours.  She hadn’t heard anything and was on the downward slope of “why haven’t they contacted me” and “I must not have gotten it.”

Yesterday we ran to do errands as we normally do on a pay week.  It was all about grocery shopping, UPS, and the pharmacy.  We got home and had lunch.  The whole day she didn’t check her email as she had been the whole week before. 

As we were getting ready to go to the open house for my niece who just moved back from Arizona (welcome back Cristi!), she checked her email, saw an email from the HR guy and figured she didn’t get the job.  Then she opened it and read the offer!!!

She laughed and cried all at once.  She was shaking with excitement.  I opened the netbook and logged into her email so we could read the offer.  It is a good offer and a good job.  I’m so happy for her and she is very excited. 

Yesterday – after the party – we came home and looked at apartment complexes.  Kelly and Dominic’s friend from Fort Wayne had very nicely sent us a list of good and bad complexes to look at.  We have a spreadsheet started and will call a couple of them today.  She will call and ask questions of the others on Monday as well as setting up appointments. 

With the end of the semester, Vicki’s move, and all the stuff going on at work I am going to be very busy over the next three weeks.  I am sure it will all get done but at the same time I am sure it will be crazy!  Crazy in the best possible way though!!!!

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