I wore shoes today!!!  Seems like a silly thing to be excited about but for the last two weeks I’ve not been able to get a shoe on because my foot has been so inflamed.  Today I drove myself to work and wore shoes!
There’s still pain but it is greatly reduced, thankfully.  I still have to take my second dose of arthritis meds in order to keep the pain away.  I’m okay with that because it helps me manage.
Now I’m back at my computer and have a formal project to get out.  I have notes from one more book to add into my paper and then it is a matter of writing.  I need to get the rough draft done tonight because this is due on Tuesday.  If I get the rough draft done tonight I can let it sit for a day before I revise and edit it.  Then it will hopefully be refined enough that I can turn it in.  If not I’m in for a few late nights and little sleep. 

Good thing my foot is feeling better because I don’t have any time to be restricted to the recliner now.

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