Star Struck

Willa Drew

Tropes: Rom-Com, Read in one afternoon, Celebrity/Movie Star, Brother’s Best Friend, Feisty Leading Lady, International Cast (LA and Ireland)


What do an Irish farm, a swanky LA gala, and a star tattoo have in common? A cute meet straight off the silver screen.

Running away from my family’s expectations pays off when I help my childhood crush outrun the paparazzi.

Did I mention he’s a famous rom-com actor?
Or that he’s too old for me?
The best part… he’s my brother’s best friend.

Or maybe it’s the worst part.

While he’s looking to reinvent himself out of the spotlight, our crashing into each other after all these years has me seeing stars.

Hollywood heartthrob Asher Menken might not remember me… but I could never forget him. 


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