This was a weekend of surprises for some people.  Virginia and Stephanie flew home from Georgia to surprise Vicki for her birthday.  We also planned to surprise mom because she didn’t get to see them the last time they were home.  The girls got a fabulous deal on the tickets and it all went smoothly.  Mom knew once they hit the airport for pick up that one of the girls was coming in but not both of them. 
Vicki on the other hand knew something was up.  There were just too many factors sticking out – like extra food bought, questions about what she was going to do and so on.  What can I say – we just aren’t good at keeping secrets. 
Saturday morning the girls show up and mom was surprised to see both of them.  Vicki wasn’t surprised but was very pleased.  We had a great time with a few family members and friends who stopped by but mostly it has been just our core family hanging out and doing stuff.  There has definitely been little sleep, lots of laughter, and just a joy in being together. 

Unfortunately it is another quick visit and tomorrow is our last day together.  I’ve gotten quiet time with both girls which is nice so we can have mom / daughter conversation.  This has been a great bonus for me just before the craziness of my semester starts and I’ve loved every moment of it.

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