Movies Instead

No organizing got done which isn’t a big surprise.  Ken and I watched movies most of the day.  Elysium, True Grit, and Mud.

Elysium is very much my style of movie – post apocalyptic how has the world survived, Matt Damon – one of my favorites.  Unfortunately I was watching the clock on this one.  It was slow and when it picked up, I was not invested in them.  It was predictable as well.  All in all, I would have preferred organizing my office.

True Grit – the new one.  I’m a HUGE John Wayne fan so deliberately didn’t go see this one in the theaters.  John Wayne played that role amazingly and Jeff Bridges just didn’t do it justice.  Matt Damon was a better LeBoeuf character than Glen Campbell.  The story followed almost exactly what the original was and I’m sure some people enjoyed the new version.  I did not.  When we were done watching it, I wanted to go back and watch the John Wayne version.  It was a disappointment.

Mud with Matthew McConaughey.  Best part of the movie was when McConaughey decides to take off his lucky shirt and go without it.  It was a nice view.  The story line was predictable though somewhat touching.  The connection between the two boys and McConaughey’s character was interesting.  The dialogue was unbelievable.  The way the two boys talked seemed unrealistic.  I checked with Ken because we have girls and he said no as well.  I watched the clock on this one too.

All three of these had good parts to them.  We didn’t pay to see any of them so it was a horrible way to pass the afternoon but I watched a couple of old episodes of Adam 12 that I enjoyed more.

After Ken went to bed I worked on a story.  I had been uncertain what direction I wanted to take the story in and last night it just hit me.  I also pulled up another story to work on after I was done playing in the first one.  It’s a story I’ve been drawn back to numerous times.  I’m going to work on these two to see if I can finish them off – move them from the slush pile to the edit pile.  I also got the first Defenders novel into production and got some the front matter and back matter in place.

I kept thinking yesterday I had to be at work today and then remembering that no I didn’t.  Today will be a writing day I think.  It is gray and dreary which means my joints ache, a day in the recliner with a warm blanket seems to be the right course of action.