This last week has been difficult for me.  I’ve been made immobile by the attack of gout.  I’m still not overly steady on my feet and my foot gets painful when it is down.  Yet I have to look at this week and recognize all the people who helped me in different ways.

My daughter, sister, and husband have been very helpful and concerned as I struggled with the pain and other issues.  They helped me walk, fetched things, carted me places.  My daughter in particular – Vicki – has driven me to work, checked in to see what my pain level was at, pushed me in a wheel chair, and did the bulk of fetching for me. 
Other people also stepped up.  Several of my faculty at work asked after my situation, expressed concern and were pleased when I came back to work.  My Chair was very understanding about my absence even though it was the worst possible week for me to be MIA.  My student workers were my legs this week at the office.  It was little things like one faculty who told me that they missed me as well as the work I do.  It seems like a little thing – just words but those words warmed my heart and made me grateful to have such a good group to work with.

I appreciate all the support and caring I’ve received.  I think this is something we (in general) don’t pay attention to because we are all so busy with our lives.  My gout may have knocked me on my ass and kept me recliner bound but it didn’t stop me from noticing the stress it put on others.  Thank you to all those in my life who expressed concern and offered or gave assistance.  It didn’t go unnoticed and it helped in my healing process.