Motivation Needed

I meant to get up early today and get to work on publishing.  That didn’t happen.  Instead I slept late and only got up when one of my daughters called.  I chatted with her, worked on sales, coupons, rebates, and so on.

Ken is off now to go do stuff with his family.  I’m going to work on publishing – I swear.  It is pay weekend so I need to do coupons today so he can take them with him tomorrow when he does the grocery shopping.  We are going to have Panera for breakfast.  I had a rebate of $1 if I spent $7 and got a drink.  We are getting three pastries and a coffee (for Ken not me).  The bill came to roughly $12.  Ordering online, I had a $2 coupon from Panera and then through Find & Save, I have a $1 rebate.  This takes my 12 down to 9 which is nice.

I’ve been reading my Wayfarer series for multiple reasons.  The first is to get excerpts so I can post them on social media and the second is to get back in the story and characters as I edit 10 and finish writing 11.  I started Wayfarer Freedom last night which is book 8.  This means I’m almost caught up to do the editing on 10.  I’m hoping to finish it and publish it next month.

The first week back for classes was a bit rough.  It was insanely busy but I got through it.  Hopefully it gets a bit better this next week.

I’m trying to decide if I want to take my birthday off.  It’s a Monday which is sort of a bad day to take off.  I need to decide soon.  I may just save the day so I can have a writing weekend later.  

While it’s quiet I should get something accomplished.  I shouldn’t just be a bum and do nothing or play computer games – right?  I need to focus and get to work.  The motivation is a bit lacking today.  This is not a good sign.

Back to the salt mines…

My to do list did not get to done… but I did relax and spend some ME time while I was off.  I’m actually looking forward to going back to work.  I know I have a lot on my desk – it was there when I left.  I also know that the moment I step into work the stress level will be quite high with all the political stuff going on.

I’ve spent the last five days organizing and sorting through writing stuff.  I have it more the way I want it now and hopefully that will last – I just have to maintain it now.  In going through I’ve gotten a couple of ideas about what I want to do with a few articles and hopefully I will have time to get those done. 

I didn’t get to write at all.  I need to get back to that.  Hopefully that will happen this week and I can move forward with the manuscript I am working on.  I didn’t get any work done on any of the other manuscripts either.  I think if I’m not in the mood to write I’ll go back to editing those so I can move forward on getting them published. 

As I said – my to do list didn’t get done and those are still on my mind.  I would like to get those projects submitted to a couple of places though so I can move on to other projects.  I have about a half a dozen in the works… it is just a matter of time and motivation to work on them…