Ode to Cheetos

There are just times you have to have something.  It doesn’t matter how good or bad for you it is.  You MUST have it.  I’ve been craving Cheetos.  Ken was a sweetie and got me some on Monday.

I don’t know what they put in them but I’ve eaten a full bag of Cheetos since Monday and still I want more.  I have a bag at work which I’ve been nibbling on.  It’s a little harder at work as there is the orange finger issue.  
Last night I had no Cheetos.  I was a little disappointed but I worked through one of my obsessions.  I got the first round of edits done on Wayfarer 8.  It took me until about 10.  Next step is a hard copy edit.  This one is about 20,000 words more than what I aim for but as I was editing last night I looked for scenes to cut.  I thought – I could take out this one or that one but the flow of the story was good and there weren’t any superfluous scenes.  As I was editing, I looked for shorter ways of saying the same thing and did manage to reduce the word count slightly but not by even a couple thousand words.  
The decision has to be made then of whether I will just have this one be longer or if I will try to cut the scenes?  I’m going to do the hard copy edit and see how I feel about it.  I wrap up a number of ongoing story lines which is why I think it is longer.  
The question becomes now do I start the edits on Wayfarer 9 which the rough draft is already done or do I wait until 8 goes into production?  The searches I do take me a couple of days and the first read through usually takes a day sometimes two.  
I’m still working on Wayfarer 10 and Defenders 3.  Part of my problem with writing Defenders 3 is because I’m so wrapped up in the Wayfarer series.  
I need to go back and do a clean up edit on the published Defenders novels.  I think once I’m immersed in the story again the last book will flow better. In the meanwhile I keep writing a scene here and there.  
Fortunately, I’ve wiped all the orange Cheetos residue from all of my devices and I’m getting over my craving (maybe) and will go back to trying to eat healthy.