Malak, Desert Child The Boy Who Sailed to Spain Book 2 by Paul Ogarra Genre: Magical Realism Fiction The first time I saw her she melted the ice in my soul. Malak is a tiny beautiful five-year-old girl child. She lives in a cave in dire poverty with her drunkard father and her Saharoui mother … Continue reading Malak


It seems like I’ve struggled against these all my life.  From my parents’ expectations to society’s expectations, I find them restrictive and unreasonable.  I know I have my own expectations of others as well but I try to keep them to a minimum.People seem to think I’ll be something (you fill in the blank) and … Continue reading Expectations

Boys Need to Grow Up

Beware there is a feminist rant to follow so if you don't want to deal with it - don't read this.In Texas there is an 11 year old girl who was gang raped multiple times by boys ages 14 and up to adults.  This occurred in a small town.  Now I grew up in a … Continue reading Boys Need to Grow Up

Naughty Children

I heard on the radio how the Republicans have an agenda now that they are in control of the house.  I think that’s great.  I was hoping to hear how they were going to balance the budget, stimulate the economy, help the poor, and educate our children. No.  The Republicans think they should act like … Continue reading Naughty Children