Boys Need to Grow Up

Beware there is a feminist rant to follow so if you don’t want to deal with it – don’t read this.

In Texas there is an 11 year old girl who was gang raped multiple times by boys ages 14 and up to adults.  This occurred in a small town.  Now I grew up in a smallish town.  My experience is that everyone knows everyone else.  You can’t do ANYTHING in a small town without someone knowing you did it.  You cannot tell me that some of these boys involved (or allegedly) didn’t know that this was an 11 year old. 

So this girl was raped.  It went unreported by her but got out because the boys (I’m commenting on their maturity level not their legal age) involved had to brag and record the horrendous things they did to this little girl. 

Newspapers quoted people in the town saying that the girl asked for the rapes to happen because she was sneaking around and dressing provocatively.  Really – really – we want to even go there?  She is 11!!!!!!  I’ve read comments that it is her parent’s fault for not keeping better control of her. 

Here is my question.  What the fuck?  Okay so after the outrage and fury has died down a bit (and only a bit), here are more questions.  This little girl didn’t ask to be sexually used by multiple males.  Even if she stood in the town square and said come fuck me, she is 11. 

Where are the parent’s of these boys to teach them that you don’t do this?  What the hell were the boys thinking?  I warn you I may have to explode if someone comes out with the boys will be boys bull shit.  It is time we stopped allowing boys to be boys and taught them to act with respect and consideration for all people – EVERYONE – and most especially when it comes to the females in the world. 

Grow up.  If you cannot control your sexual urges then do society a favor and lock yourself away.  Everyone has sexual urges.  It is part of our nature.  The thing is most of us manage to control them so that we don’t cause damage to others.  If you cannot control them – then lock yourself away so that you don’t do harm.

It isn’t that little girl’s fault that these males raped her.  It isn’t her parent’s fault if she snuck out.  It is the males who took advantage of a girl who was unprotected.  Those males are at fault for not having better control of their sexual urges and need for power over someone.  They all deserve to go to jail for a very long time. 

To the people who are blaming the victim, I only have one thing to say to you.  Shame on you!!!