Do you walk around your house naked?

You might ask what brings about this question.  When my daughter is home alone she often showers and runs about the house in different stages of undress.  She’s alone and most of our windows have coverings so she isn’t seen.  The other day a friend dropped by unexpectedly while she was in the shower.  He nearly got a surprise as she didn’t know he was there.  He stopped over to borrow a tool and the situation arose that could have been embarrassing. 

After a text from her that said there was a strange man in the house when she got out of the shower (yes we all have an odd sense of humor), it sparked a conversation with several work people.  The strange man’s wife works with me.  She and two other people were in the office and we had a discussion about whether we walk around our houses naked when no one else is around.  Three quarters of us did.  (I wonder if that could be extrapolated to the general public.

I like to be naked.  It isn’t that I have this fab body that I want to show off.  I just like being free.  Plus it is easy to discard my clothes down the laundry chute, which is in the hall, right before I go to bed.  Often at the end of my day I will strip down in the hall and do my night time routine naked.  I also tend to shower in the morning and walk naked back to my bedroom because it is like five feet and no one is typically up. 

What do you think?  Are you a naked in your own home person or always clothed?  I wonder what could be said about either types of people.  Should we assume that naked people are promiscuous or that clothed people are prudes?  Does it have a bearing on how they vote?  I sense we could do a lot of studies here in order to correlate nakedness (or lack thereof) to a variety of other habits.  Do you think we could get government funding for this?  Would the conservatives denounce it as Satanism at its finest? 

Either way when I go to bed tonight I’ll probably walk naked between my bathroom and bedroom.  How about you?