Imporobable Bonds

Unlikely Reunion Improbable Bonds Book 1 by Lily Michaels Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance FROM POPULAR ROMANCE AUTHOR LILY MICHAELS Book one in the Improbable Bonds series Erik's adolescent crush becomes a very adult relationship at his high school reunion. Seeing his former bullies starstruck is definitely on Erik Stevens' agenda for his high school reunion. … Continue reading Imporobable Bonds

Pure Dumb Luck

Pure Dumb Luck by Dahlia Donovan Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance When two small-town country dudes win the lottery, they finally find the courage to speak their truth. An unexpected adventure follows. Linwood "Woody" Robinson has a routine. He works for his baby brother in construction, buys three lottery tickets every week, and lusts after his … Continue reading Pure Dumb Luck

The Color of Love Series

Into the Gray The Color of Love Book 1 by F.E. Feeley Jr. Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance Life after college is not what Aaron expected. Isn’t he supposed to have what he wants to do figured out by now? David never expected his marriage to be rocky, let alone about to end. How is he … Continue reading The Color of Love Series

Gates of Heaven

Saint Gates of Heaven Book 1 by M. Tasia Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance MOUTH TO MOUTH RESUSCITATION After the death of their mother, Frank "Saint" Jeffrey knew the only way to protect his younger brother was to strike a deal with their autocratic, cruel, abusive father. In exchange for his brother's freedom to live his … Continue reading Gates of Heaven

At War with a Broken Heart

At War With a Broken Heart by Dahlia Donovan Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance What's the perfect recipe for an emotional MMM romance? One autistic coffee shop owner, one morose mug maker, and a mostly cheerful police detective. Fie Morogh Russell goes off to war with a broken heart and returns with a shattered spirit. He … Continue reading At War with a Broken Heart

Desires Entwined Series

Designs of Desire Desires Entwined Book 1 by Tempeste O'Riley Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance Artist James Bryant has forearm crutches in every color from rainbow for fun to sleek black for business. He even has a pair with more paint splatters than metal. After his family’s rejection and abuse from a man he thought loved … Continue reading Desires Entwined Series