Mood Matches the Weather

Exhaustion doesn’t cover how I felt after the move for my daughter.  It was a lot of driving, stress, and drama.  However, she’s in her apartment and working on getting settled.

Unfortunately for me, the drama doesn’t stop.  We paid Home Depot for them to install new doors.  Ten days ago we went in but hadn’t heard from them when they told us in a few days we’d get a call.  I called them on Monday night and finally yesterday I got a call to schedule an appointment yesterday.  The woman on the phone acted as though she was doing me a favor.  Apparently the money I spent at Home Depot was enough to get polite customer service.

My brand new scooter has been giving me grief.  I turn it on and the light flashes.  I’ve already been in touch once with the people and they sent me a new battery and charger.  However, it is still doing the same thing.  The scooter is supposed to be able to freewheel – as in you can push it along as needed – and it doesn’t.  I put in a complaint and got a call at 7:30 last night.  It was the same guy who I talked to earlier.  He was condescending again.  His response was basically I’m doing things wrong.  His tone and demeanor on the phone were unpleasant – like I was wasting his time.  I wasn’t able to get to my scooter when he called so I’ll be calling him again today.

It’s only Wednesday – hopefully nothing else goes wrong.  I’m thinking of building a comfy fort at home and giving up being an adult for a while.  I keep telling myself the weekend is coming and for a change – I don’t have anything planned for the weekend.  My biggest plan is to work on publishing stuff and some crochet projects.  Aside from those things, I plan to sleep a lot and do as little as possible.  That’s the plan and for now, I’m going with the illusion that all my plans work out.

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