Apparently I need a day of decompression before I can switch into vacation mode.  My intention yesterday was to get stuff done in the house and work on writing.  I got a few things done in the house but didn’t do any writing. 
I did spend the day watching things on the DVR and TV.  Yes I did the rare thing of actually watching live tv.  I hate commercials and I hate watching the same commercials throughout an hour long program.  I watched the Dog Whisperer last night and for the whole hour the same commercials aired.  I was annoyed and muted them. 
While watching the Dog Whisperer he was working with a German shepherd and it made me want a puppy.  I love shepherds they are so expressive and loving.  However, at this stage in the game I would don’t want another pet.  Vicki has her cat and we love having her in the house.  I don’t have any of the responsibility of the cat though.  Plus if I got a dog now I’d want Cesar to come and help me train him.  I can’t afford that. 
Today I’m alone in the house.  I have classical music on and I’m caught up on email.  I’ve got a great idea in my head for my book so I’m going to try to get that on the computer before Vicki gets home from volunteering. 
Late afternoon I’m going to hop in the van and drive to the airport to pick up Stephanie and Virginia.  I cannot wait to see them and give them a big hug.  From there I have five days to cram as much family time as possible into our time.
Now that I’ve had my day of decompression I am ready for the vacation and fun time!