It’s Quarter till Twelve

Isn’t there a song like this?  I don’t know I’m too tired to remember.  I had plans.  I had a specific list of things I wanted to get done tonight and they all went out the window.

When I got home, Ken was grumbly and not feeling well.  We had supper and he said he wanted to go to Urgent Care because he felt bad – sinus infection.

One thing I hate is coming home, getting settled in, and then having to go back out.  However, he wasn’t feeling well and hasn’t really felt well since Friday.  We went off to the Dean Urgent Care and sure enough he’s got a sinus infection and two ear infections.  He’s staying home tomorrow.  The shocking part about this is I didn’t have to nag him to stay home.  He decided to all on his own.

Ironically it took us about an hour in Urgent Care and almost another hour at the pharmacy.  I think the woman ahead of us in drive thru was telling her entire health history to the guy and the entire health history of her family.  We sat behind her for nearly twenty minutes I think.

When we got up to the window the gentleman told us his antibiotic wasn’t ready yet, could we pull around and come back in fifteen minutes.  I had my phone and played 2048 for the time but Ken was not happy sitting in the car.  He wanted to go home.

Finally I got him home, he took his meds and went to bed.  I hope he gets a good night’s sleep and sleeps later than normal for him.  I think he needs it.

I started on my list and got some of it done but not nearly all.  It’s nearly midnight and I’m going to sleep as soon as I’m done typing.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive in some arenas.  I was productive but not in writing or crocheting as I was busy helping the hubby.

My list would take another couple of hours to get through.  I think I’ll pass on that and opt for a few hours of sleep before I go to work.  I’ll adjust my to do list and get things done tomorrow.