Medical Crap

In May I had an upper respiratory and sinus infection.  I was a mess.  Going to the doctor was helpful and yet damn frustrating.  We disagreed on which antibiotic would be best.

Normally I stand up for myself and don’t back down.  I was sick.  I told the doctor if he gave me zpack I needed three rounds.  He told me if one round didn’t clear it – it was viral and I’d just have to wait for it to clear.

I get sinus infections all the time.  Up until last year when I had surgery, I got them several times a year.  I KNOW what works.  I’m allergic to tons of drugs and the world in general.  I KNOW what works for me.  But okay – it’s viral.

All summer I had sinus issues.  Not just allergy issues but yucky gross sinus infection issues.  If you’ve had one, you know what I’m talking about.  If you’ve not had one, you don’t want to know.

I had enough three weeks ago.  Called my GP (yup same doc from May) and got in.  Yup – you have a sinus infection.  I tell him the same thing.  He says – no I want to put you on a different drug – ciprio… something.  I say – is it on my list of ones I’m allergic to?  He said well if you can take Levaquin you can take this.  This isn’t necessarily true.  I argue big time with him.  I object and ask a lot of questions.  He’s firm.  He won’t do the Levaquin (which I’m probably spelling wrong).

I’m allergic to a lot of drugs including amoxicillin, penicillin, and a bunch of other ones.  Hell the zpack I can take I can only take the smaller dose.  The minute they put me on a stronger dose I have serious issues with it.  I don’t take new drugs until the weekend in order to have someone be around when I take them just in case and if I do have a reaction – I have a couple days to get over it.

So Monday I’m at the doctor and he prescribes this new drug.  Great – no relief for five fucking days.  If you’ve had a sinus infection….  So Saturday I take the new drug – no side effects – yeah.  But also no relief from the symptoms.  Even after taking it for a few days I get no relief.  I’m pissed at this point.  My head hurts so much to just touch my nose gently feels like I’m getting a fist slammed into my face.

I call my GP.  I tell him.  I ask him to please prescribe the Levaquin.  His answer – nope go to the ENT.  Well fuck you very much.  I’m in tears.  My head hurts so much I think it would be a relief if it exploded.  I call my ENT (who I adore – he did my surgery).  The woman on the desk says the earliest appointment is the following Monday (i.e. yesterday)  I go to my ENT.  He does his exam.  He says – you have a sinus infection.  Yup knew that.  I tell him what I’ve been through, he says the ciprio.. whatever isn’t good for chronic sinus infections – well fuck.  He gives me a prescription for Levaquin.

I’ve now had two doses and some of my symptoms are easing and I’m starting to feel better.  Now the thing that really pisses me off – I paid $55 in co-pays and whatever the three damn prescriptions cost.  Money doesn’t exactly grow on trees for me.  This should have been a $15 co-pay for the initial visit and then whatever the RIGHT prescription would have cost me.

It might be time for a new GP.  I’m not sure anyone else is any better but … damn it… it might be time to switch.  

Riding the Waves

It’s been an interesting start to the new year.  We’ve had a lot of going to urgent care and the emergency room.  Nothing tragic or life threatening but lots of trips with sinus infections, bronchitis, and kidney stones.  I’m ready for this to change.  It’s expensive and stressful.

Monday I went to an ear nose and throat specialist.  He got me on a different antibiotic and scoped my sinuses.  I have more information now which is good.

Tuesday Ken got the all clear on his kidney stone.  It is gone.  Plus he has no stones in either of his kidneys.  All good news.

Now for the downside – after his appointment, we got supper and were settling in to our happy news.  Then my sister text to say my uncle was in the hospital.  Shortly after that text, she sent another one which said my aunt (not married to the uncle who was in the hospital but a different brother of my mom’s who passed) was also in the hospital.

It’s been a week.  No – really it’s been a couple of months of this teeter totter affect and health issues.  I’m hoping things are evening out but I’m not holding my breath.

One of the brighter spots in my week / month is my daughter Virginia got notified she made the President’s list for her excellent grades for her fall 16 schedule.  She also just finished her math class and got a 100% on her final as well as an A in the class – though this isn’t official yet.  She’s stressed with school but she’s actually doing really well.

There’s no choice but to ride the waves of my life right now.  At this point we’re moving from the gully of the wave to the crest.  I’m just hoping there are no tsunamis in my future.  I’d be happy with nice gentle waves for a time.

Snow Day!

While the weather outside is cold and snowy, my plan is to work on more holiday gifts.  The last package went to the post office this morning.  Ken tackled the roads in his truck – I think my car would have gotten stuck in our road since we’ve not been plowed out.  We got about 5 – 6″ of snow and they’re calling for another 1 – 6″ depending on who you listen to.

The weather for today is supposed to be more snow.  The weather for tomorrow is supposed to be frigid with below zero temps.  This seems like the best time to turn on Netflix and work on a crochet project.  I’ve got two or three left to do for holiday gifts.  Then Ken gets to do the wrapping.

The meds for my sinus infection kicked my butt.  I’m done with them for now but I think the sinus infection isn’t gone.  It may be time to go back to an ENT to see if he’s got other options he can give me or better drugs.

I’ve been sleeping a lot.  I get up and do a couple of things.  After which I feel like I’ve run a marathon and want a nap.  I keep reminding myself this is my body’s way of telling me it’s healing.  I need to slow down and let my body recuperate.

Since I don’t do well with cold air, I’ll be staying inside and crafting.  I’ve got a number of projects to finish for the holidays and a few others to finish in general.  It’s something I can do while I’m resting.  Ken’s filled the humidifier with water and essential oils.  I’ll put on Netflix with West Wing or something else and crochet and nap throughout the rest of the weekend.  Hopefully by Monday I’m feeling more human.

It’s Quarter till Twelve

Isn’t there a song like this?  I don’t know I’m too tired to remember.  I had plans.  I had a specific list of things I wanted to get done tonight and they all went out the window.

When I got home, Ken was grumbly and not feeling well.  We had supper and he said he wanted to go to Urgent Care because he felt bad – sinus infection.

One thing I hate is coming home, getting settled in, and then having to go back out.  However, he wasn’t feeling well and hasn’t really felt well since Friday.  We went off to the Dean Urgent Care and sure enough he’s got a sinus infection and two ear infections.  He’s staying home tomorrow.  The shocking part about this is I didn’t have to nag him to stay home.  He decided to all on his own.

Ironically it took us about an hour in Urgent Care and almost another hour at the pharmacy.  I think the woman ahead of us in drive thru was telling her entire health history to the guy and the entire health history of her family.  We sat behind her for nearly twenty minutes I think.

When we got up to the window the gentleman told us his antibiotic wasn’t ready yet, could we pull around and come back in fifteen minutes.  I had my phone and played 2048 for the time but Ken was not happy sitting in the car.  He wanted to go home.

Finally I got him home, he took his meds and went to bed.  I hope he gets a good night’s sleep and sleeps later than normal for him.  I think he needs it.

I started on my list and got some of it done but not nearly all.  It’s nearly midnight and I’m going to sleep as soon as I’m done typing.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive in some arenas.  I was productive but not in writing or crocheting as I was busy helping the hubby.

My list would take another couple of hours to get through.  I think I’ll pass on that and opt for a few hours of sleep before I go to work.  I’ll adjust my to do list and get things done tomorrow.