Unexpected Day Off

Registration is done at work which means the stress level has reduced.  My house is still a mess and the next two weekends are full of activities.  We’ll do the activities – paint nite this weekend and an author’s event next weekend.  We need the down time to reduce our stress.

Ken leaves for Georgia in May.  This leaves Vicki and I hanging out on our own.  I’ve got a few days off during the time he’s gone.  My goal is to get some publishing, writing, and crocheting done during my time off.  However, I also have some household things I want to get done.

This week has been crazy for me.  I had an allergy test done on Monday.  They washed my arms with alcohol which immediately started them itching.  Their solution was to wash them with soap and water.  I let them, though most soaps bother me.  Fortunately, this one didn’t.  I didn’t really find out anything new.  I already knew I was allergic to the things they told me but these were more specific results.

Tuesday I left work early to see my regular doctor.  He gave me my results for my MRI.  There wasn’t anything to stress about – thankfully.

Today I am off to the dietician.  I’ve been seeing her for few months.  I like her and she has good suggestions for helping me balance out life and food.  I doubt I’ve lost weight.  It’s been a crazy few months with lots of eating fast food while we moved Vicki and a lot of stress eating.  However, I’ve managed to stop eating out as much which is good for my checkbook and good for my body.

The elevator at work isn’t working.  I spent yesterday at work but not in my office.  It made it difficult for me to be involved but the floor was quiet according to my student workers.  Today I’m hoping it will be even more quiet.  However, the elevator is going to be down for the first part of next week.  That will make it difficult on me and a number of my faculty.  These are the joys of working in an old building.

I’m working on two graduation gifts.  I’m creating new patterns for most of the gifts so this means new patterns to publish.  The first scarf I made turned out really well.  I like the design, color, length, and feel of it.  Now I need to take pictures so I can publish the pattern.  I started a second one last night and I’m hoping to finish it today.

This morning I’m spending a little time on the computer but hope to go back to crocheting shortly.  It seems like there’s always so much for me to do with a day off and so little time to get it all done.  I have to remember to keep the to do list to a reasonable length and focus on one task at a time.  Part of me wants to get a bunch of stuff done but I’m waiting on things from other people to be able to do those things.  This means I need to pick something completely in my control and work on it.  Today, it will be crocheting and watching movies.  For a couple of reasons, one – it will lower my stress level, and two – it will get things done I need to get done which has a definite deadline.

Considering I have the day off, I was up very early.  I did go back to sleep but was still up by 7.  Ava does not know what to do with me.  She came and cuddled – yup the cat who hates me – with me for a bit.  Sasha always is looking for attention from me but Ava rarely asked for attention.

It’s time to hit the recliner, find a movie and go back to crocheting.  Maybe with luck, I’ll finish another scarf and start a third.. fingers crossed.