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Scarlett Chase is a book dragon who takes breaks from reading to write new stories and eat all the food she can get her hands on. She writes Romance with spice and Fanfiction that vary in degrees of heat and naughtiness. Don’t let the number of titles under her belt fool you, she is ready to unleash more books to the world and invite readers to read new stories and characters. You know, just as soon as they let themselves be written. 

When she isn’t busy devouring her next book or typing in a frenzy, she loves to watch tv shows and movies, explore the world around her one restaurant or new experience at a time, and dance whenever the mood strikes. She also takes a book and notebook with her everywhere she goes because you never know when the inspiration will hit.

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Just a Taste (F*ck the Patriarchy story) Blurb

It’s been a year…one whole year since my roommate Roban moved in. I’ve spent every day of this year being relentlessly teased by a combination of the gorgeous man living with me and my own insatiable brain. I wasn’t sure, at first, if he was interested in me. But, a girl can learn a lot in a year, especially one with my unique skill set. My kinky senses are tingling and they’re telling me that tonight might be the right time for this Domme to break in a new playmate.

Just a Taste Excerpt

“Thank you for cooking these, Lina.” He takes his first bite and groans again enthusiastically nodding. “And thank you for not burning our mouths with some sauce that’s surface of the sun hot. Damn, these are good.”

“You’ll never let that one go, will you?” I ask, rolling my eyes and taking a bite.

Roban shakes his head slowly, a smirk on his face and laughter in his eyes. “Nope,” he says and takes another bite.

I swallow and lean forward. “It’s your fault! Who asks someone who is clearly drunk to make fresh salsa to go with chips?”

He covers his mouth as he laughs then clears his throat. “Someone who is also quite drunk. It seemed like a good idea at the time until you put 50 billion peppers in there.”

“It was only one or two more, but you’re right. That salsa had no business being that hot.” I start laughing hard as I remember how we tried to frantically stop the burn and Roban starts laughing with me. “Remember…you yelled ‘Ketchup!… Scooby Doo used ketchup!’…but I couldn’t find it…” I start laughing too hard to finish my thought.

“I almost cried. My mouth was on fire,” says Roban before laughing so hard his laugh goes quiet.

F*ck the Patriarchy


Tony looks apprehensive, and while I want to be annoyed, I also understand.

“Look, you know both of our real identities now. You know where Quinn lives and what he does, considering the packet of perfectly forged documents in your hand. And I’m sure soon enough you’ll probably know where I live, too.” Tony’s eyebrow lifts, Quinn snorts, and I try to cover the blush that creeps up my neck with an eye roll.

“The point is, I could really use your help, and I think you could use us, too. You have a vested interest in Jackson Adley, and I can get you information. But I don’t want a partnership with you if we can’t trust each other.” He hesitates for a moment, his jaw working as he contemplates his next move. “Bennet Adley,” he answers my question simply, like it’s no big deal. He’s looking me in the eye so I know he’s serious, but disbelief has me wanting to jump out of my skin. My heart drops. Of all the luck… “You’re kidding me, right?”

“Who’s Bennet Adley?” Quinn asks, looking back and forth between me and Tony like he’s watching a tennis match. We both ignore his question.

“I’m not, but he has more interest in taking his father down than you do, believe me.” Quinn’s mouth gapes open, his eyes lit with excitement as he puts the puzzle together. “Whaaat?” he whispers, rubbing his hands together. He seems to be enjoying the unfolding drama.

“So Bennet Adley is, what, trying to leave the country? Is he running?”

“I don’t exactly know yet. There was some sort of accident, a woman was hurt, possibly running from some kind of abuse. She can’t remember anything, not even who she is. Bennet and these four other guys, all of whom he had me do background checks on, are trying to help her. He asked me if I knew anyone that could get him documents quickly just in case they needed them, said he has a bad feeling about it. They might not even use them, but keeping this girl safe is his top priority until they can figure things out.”

My gaze cuts to Quinn and I catch a little spark of admiration. This is right up his alley. “We’ll help you help Bennet,” I say, and Quinn nods. Tony looks at both of us before clearing his throat. “Okay, yeah. I’m in.”

“Sweet!” Quinn jumps up. “I think this calls for a little celebration.”

He grabs a bottle off the top of the refrigerator, along with a few shot glasses. He sets the glasses on the table and fills them up, replacing the round cork top in the bottle.

Not noticing, or simply not caring, that neither Tony nor I have stepped up to accept a glass, he raises his shot in the air and looks at us expectantly. “Let’s loosen up. To trust?”

I see where he’s going with this, and drinking is certainly a good way to “loosen up” and get to know each other, but I’m not sure I trust myself around these two. Tony may or may not be interested in the slightest, but damn if I don’t want to make a Mara sandwich in this kitchen. My skin flushes at the thought and I grab my shot just to cover it, as if anyone in the room could read my thoughts.

“To trust,” I repeat. Tony lifts his shot as well. “To trust,” he murmurs. Each of us throws back the shot. The burn runs down my throat and into my stomach, heating me from the inside out.

“Hey Mouse,” Quinn blurts with a challenging grin, filling my glass again. “Truth or dare?”

Author Bio

Rebecca Rathe has lived in a fantasy world for as long as she’s been alive. Her nose constantly stuck in a book, the characters and conflicts came alive and felt so real that Rebecca probably had more fictional friends than live ones when she was growing up.

If she wasn’t reading, she was coming up with her own stories. It took a lifetime to get brave enough to share one of them with the world. Publishing a novel has been a lifelong dream that is finally coming true.

When Rebecca isn’t daydreaming about her next story or obsessing over edits, she likes goofing off with her husband, two young sons, and real-life best friend Anne. Her ultimate goal in life is to not take things too seriously, to handle whatever comes with humor and kindness.


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