Starla Kaye

Life can sometimes be one gut punch after another.

For heart-wounded cowboy, Tucker Dalton, it started with a tough childhood and a rebellious streak. A car accident lands him in prison, living with never-ending guilt and inconvenient feelings for his best friend’s woman. It’s enough to make anyone give up.

Life can be tough for a woman too.

For Brooke McGuire, it started with the loss of her childhood home and abandonment by her parents. A string of poor choices lead to loneliness and a complicated relationship. When she calls it quits, an argument ends in an accident, killing her boyfriend and putting her in a coma. It’s enough to make anyone lose hope.

Can a heart-wounded, cowboy find a second chance at love? Only if Brooke is strong enough to keep fighting.

This could be the start of something beautiful… only time will tell.


All of this was her fault. She shouldn’t have let Tucker even touch her, but she hadn’t been able to resist that small amount of comfort he offered. It had been missing in her life. Kyle hadn’t touched her in nearly a year with any gentleness. He had become controlling, possessive, aggressive, and now violent. This was turning into one of his worst moments.

Tucker shook his head. Shaggy, black hair brushed his collar and blood dripped onto his white shirt, which was growing wet from melting sleet pellets. He cupped his injured jaw, then he looked from Brooke’s dangling scarf to the bruises on her neck.

“What the hell?” He turned toward Kyle again, now standing, angry beyond words.

Brooke tried to wrap the scarf again, mortified at what he’d seen. “It-it’s nothing,” she mumbled.

“You did that?” Tucker hissed, pinning Kyle with a furious glare.

For a second, Kyle appeared confused as he looked at Brooke. “We argued.”

“Argued!” Tucker shouted and shoved to his feet. “You put your hands around her throat.”
Kyle rammed a fist into Tucker’s stomach.

Determined, Brooke moved closer. “Stop!”

The men glowered at her for interfering. “Stay back,” they both growled.

Uncertain what to do, she retreated. Her heart hammered, and she wrapped her arms around her ribs.

Tucker was distracted watching her and Kyle hit him again, causing him to stumble backward. He reached up to cup his jaw and swore as more blood trickled from his mouth. “Damn, Kyle!”

Brooke felt sick about the fight. This had to stop.

Kyle’s expression hardened. “This has been a long time … coming.” The words came out slurred.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Tucker shook his head, his forehead creasing. “What’s gotten into you? You’re acting crazy.”