Day 5 of Furlough

I’ve been super busy. I finished the 80s! Or the photo albums from the 80s. The 90s box is out. I’ll probably tackle some of them tomorrow.

My middle daughter and I went to the farmer’s market. We wore face masks as did all the vendors. We even had some vendors who had double wide tables to keep customers further away. Our Jam lady and our cucumber guy were happy to see us. I’m excited for fresh local produce again.

The phrase – going to – has become my nemisis. Apparently I use it a lot in my writing and I’ve been cleaning up manuscripts and I hate this phrase now.

Last night I did a great one. I’m on the read through part of my Wayfarer novels. So I started Immemorial. I was hoping to get all the way through it. I was getting into the groove but I kept thinking – I thought I changed this. I dug out the manuscript with the edits and sure enough I had. I went looking and discovered two files for the same book in the folder. So I’d gotten a third of the way through. Now I would have just discarded but I liked some of those changes. So I stopped last night and this morning came to my double screened computer and worked on a compare in Word which helped me work my way through. Shortly I’ll be reading through the rest of it. I hate when I do dumb stuff like that.

This morning I made bacon for breakfast while my daughter made biscuits. We had jelly (yup from our Jam lady) on biscuits with bacon. It was good.

I’ve updated two of my Ava books – new edits and new covers! Eaten by the Wolf and Big Bad Wolf Tames Red both have been updated. I love the covers!

I spent minimal time on Facebook to check on my groups and such. This is the extent of my social interaction today. I’m totally okay with that.

It’s raining so that means I’m aching. I’ll go to the recliner, cover up with a blanket, and work on reading Wayfarer books!

How’s your Sunday?

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