Book Publishers Beware!

Governor Walker just repealed the Equal Pay Act.  This is criminal in my eyes.  Women already don’t make the same as men.  The excuses I hear for women earning less is that they are more likely to take time off for having babies.  My answer to that is who do you think put the baby there?  Another one is that women take more time off to care for children.  My answer to that is maybe men should step up then.  We have to carry the kid can’t men step up and do more of the day care. 

I’ll add a note here to all those fathers / uncles and other males who have stepped up to the plate and done what you should, these comments are not directed at you.  They are directed at the outdated and chauvinistic norms that women are held to now.

Recently I read an article about gender bias in the publishing arena – I am taking classes in this field so it only makes sense.  “Vida, an American organization supporting women in literary arts, has compiled statistics on the gender split in books coverage at publications including the London Review of Books, the Times Literary Supplement, the New Yorker, and the New York Times Book Review, each of which showed a substantial bias towards using male reviewers and covering male authors.”

In most cases only about a third of the books or reviews were done by women.  I’d have no problem with this if women only made up a third of the offerings but they don’t.

Is publishing stuck in another era?  I’m beginning to think it might be.  I’ve been reading articles about lending ebooks, self publishing etc.  I’ve read naysayers proclaiming the move to electronic books will kill publishing.  I say publishing is going to kill themselves if they don’t move forward.  To me these seem to be symptoms of the same problem.  Publishers and publishing companies are not changing with the changes in the market, those offering product, and those buying product.

If the companies did move with the times they could embrace new technology as well as please the largest group of buyers (which by the way are women). 

The feminist in me rails against the injustice of the publishing industry being so backwards.  The realist in me just wants to work harder to be published and write reviews.  Perhaps I should use a less feminine name to write under.  Or better yet the publishing companies and reviewing papers should come into the 21stcentury and let the women have a voice too. 

More than this though, the publishing industry needs to get behind women and women’s issues in order to keep their audience.  Money is tight during these economic times that means people are being very selective about where their money goes.  Women are choosing how to spend their money.  If they can’t get ebooks or only hear a man’s opinion of a book they might be less likely to purchase books in any format. 

Publishers and other industry insiders should be standing up with women and fighting against actions like Walker’s.  They should also be cultivating good female reviewers.  Newspapers and other review publications should be encouraging more women to write reviews.  This will increase readership and level the playing field for all.  It is past time to embrace the changes in the industry and in our society.  It is time to come into the 21stcentury and recognize who your customers are and treat them better than you have been.

Another Work Week

Today we start again with work.  The unions are calling for people to go to Madison.  It will be interesting to see how many keep showing up.  This is a furlough day for most state employees (not me) so the potential is there for a large number of employees to go to the Capitol.  There is a rock concert in support of the unions at 5 pm tonight. 

I feel like we have two very stubborn two year olds fighting over a bone.  Neither is willing to concede anything.  Yet the ones who suffer are those affected by it.  If we allow this bill to pass this Governor will have unprecedented power and the unions will be gone. 

I’m still supporting the Democrats.  I hope they stay out of the state until the Governor realizes that he has to negotiate.  Come to the table and have a discussion. 

I watched a news conference he had on line and was appalled by the stuff he was saying.  It sounded very much to me that he wanted to look at everyone’s base pay (once he rams this bill down our throats) and negotiate those down.  I’m already taking a pay cut – how much more does he want? 

He said that he wouldn’t impose furloughs but once the unions are busted he will have no one to stop him.  He said he wouldn’t lay off large numbers of people but again once the unions are gone what is to stop him?  I don’t trust him.  I think if this bill passes I could very well lose my job or end up taking a significant pay cut.

I don’t know how this will play out in the long run but hopefully we won’t have to give up our collective bargaining so we can keep some of our protection.

Super bowl… I can’t believe this title…

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like football – with a passion I don’t like it.  I’d be happy if all of the stadiums were sucked into a void somewhere and we never had to deal with another game ever.  So this is not going to be a happy go packers post – if you are looking for that just quit reading…

I’m sick to death of the whole super bowl thing.  I do not want to hear one more word about the damn thing – I know this won’t happen but really does this have to be the focus for two weeks?  Why can’t they play the super bowl the day after the final play off game?   I know why – big bucks.  Okay and maybe logistics.

Our lovely governor is going to the super bowl.  Ken heard that it is going to cost $10,000 for him to go and that was on the taxpayers dime.  I looked on line to see what was up and found that he bought the tickets for him and his family – one article said he was charging it to his campaign.  I question that use of funds. 

In all the articles he made a point of saying that the tax payers only had to pay for the security detail he was required to take.  Well I say with the money crunch, he should be staying home and watching it at the governor’s mansion.  Or he should be reimbursing the state for the cost of that security detail. 

I do want to say that I’m proud to be a Wisconsinite.  I think our fans are well behaved and good natured (for the most part).  I think they show what good sportsmanship is and love the game.  We have good people in our state – yes we have some damn awful ones too but overall… good people. 

Aside from that I have only one thing to say about the super bowl – Is it done yet?