Feminism for Men

I've noticed a theme since my last post.  I went to a talk at my job about feminism.  I had a troll on the internet try to tell me it was women's fault they are where they are.  He was unpleasant.  I read several news articles which reaffirmed my beliefs.  It's been a week or … Continue reading Feminism for Men

Is Feminism Still Needed?

Someone once told me feminism was no longer needed.  This was a woman who was younger.  My answer to her is look at our society and you will see the answer.A gymnast in her excitement of winning a gold medal forgot to put her hand over her heart - she got blasted.  An Olympic man … Continue reading Is Feminism Still Needed?

Domestic Abuse is a Serious Crime

While driving home last night after a long day, I spoke with my middle daughter.  She told me about one of her co-workers.  This woman was abused by her boyfriend resulting in him being arrested and put in jail.  She has left him, taking her three sons with her.  They went through a trial.  Even … Continue reading Domestic Abuse is a Serious Crime

Rape is Rape

In Montana, a teacher ended up having to serve 30 days for raping one of his 14 year old students.  Here is a link to the story:  http://www.politicususa.com/2013/08/28/judge-rapist-30-days-14-year-older-chronological-age.htmlThe reason given is ridiculous.  The girl acted older than her age.  It doesn't matter how she acts.  The fact is she was 14 and as her teacher … Continue reading Rape is Rape

Women’s Value

Vicki is a news junky.  Because she is a news junky I hear all sorts of stories that are good, bad, funny, and tragic.  The three articles I talk about in here have provoked me.  India has had at least two severe gang rapes in the last month.  Both women were taken hostage on a … Continue reading Women’s Value

Book Publishers Beware!

Governor Walker just repealed the Equal Pay Act.  This is criminal in my eyes.  Women already don’t make the same as men.  The excuses I hear for women earning less is that they are more likely to take time off for having babies.  My answer to that is who do you think put the baby … Continue reading Book Publishers Beware!