Another Zombie Apocalypse

by Joshua Grant

The multiverse is rife with zombie outbreaks, all with different origins and different outcomes. But what if they all stemmed from the same rotten root? And what if that root was growing towards the same dark and grizzly end?

Another Zombie Apocalypse follows several zombie apocalypses set across different worlds, all of them connected by one bloody thread. A service robot contemplating what it means to be human during the outbreak. A family being hunted by a creature worse than any normal shambling corpse. An immune survivor trying to cling to his humanity after a devastating loss. Vampire brothers discover that they’re not the alpha predator anymore.

All these stories and more play out in the visionary comic collection from bestselling author Joshua Grant and award-winning artist Laszlo Nemeth!

Author Bio

Bestselling author, comic creator, and video game designer Joshua Grant is a self-proclaimed Bond villain and a thousandaire philanthropist (like a billionaire philanthropist, just with a lot less money).  He has survived a flash flood, encountered numerous bears, and sailed the ocean blue.  Josh loves to read, write, play video games, and occasionally read up on the crazy science that’s happening in the world, but most of all he loves just getting people together to love, laugh, and grow alongside each other.  Currently, Josh makes a living teaching and working with kids in various environments, with the occasional novel always in the works.  To learn about his work, visit!