A Box of Yarn

I'm obsessed with yarn.  I love yarn.  I came home tonight and here was my order from Herrschners.  A friend gave me a gift card from there so I handed it to Vicki and said, I need crochet cotton, you know the colors, and whatever is on sale.This is the result.  Now most people see … Continue reading A Box of Yarn

Falling in Love – again – With Crochet

Crocheting is amazing and beautiful.  I love it when I set out with a plan and it works out.  I’m working on a project (gift for a student worker) and I don’t have a pattern.  It is coming from somewhere in my odd little brain.  After several false starts, I got a pattern worked out … Continue reading Falling in Love – again – With Crochet

Yarn is wonderful… Yarn on sale – HEAVEN!

Recently, Vicki asked me to make a few things for her to give to her co-workers.  They are small items and I don't have a problem.  She emailed me the colors and I went to my lovely wall of yarn.  I pulled out all the colors I had but I discovered I didn't have them … Continue reading Yarn is wonderful… Yarn on sale – HEAVEN!

Danger! Beware!! Yarn Sale!!!

Finally I have a moment (or half a one) where I can put some thoughts together.  It has been a very busy period for me.  Here it is nearly two weeks later from the last time I was on here – I can’t believe that much time has slipped by.  Work has been frantic and … Continue reading Danger! Beware!! Yarn Sale!!!