A Good Weekend

Presents are done!  They are in my car ready to go.  I’m looking forward to giving them but I’m sad to be losing such good workers.

I’ve finished rereading the last two Wayfarer novels.  The last one needs a complete edit.  By the time I was done, I added over 10K words and a dozen new scenes.  When I finished reading it – it felt right, like it was where it needed to be.

Now I’m turning my attention to the new stories I’ve been working on.  Friday I crocheted until 11 and then I wanted to write a scene.  I had this scene I knew needed to go in Wayfarer Resolve.  I wrote it.  Then I continued to work on it until 2:45 in the morning.  Reluctantly, I went to bed but in reality, I wanted to keep working.  I had a hard time getting to sleep.

Saturday, we went to Olbrich Gardens.  They were lovely and I have a bunch of pictures from there.  It was inexpensive and we wandered around.  I took a lot of pictures which I’m sharing a few of here.

We had lunch in Madison before heading for home.  Vicki and I ran some errands before returning home.  Ken made a start on painting the one wall in our living room.  He stayed home so worked around the house.  By the end of the weekend, he had the wall yellow, the picture I wanted hung on the wall.  I LOVE how it turned out.  The picture the girls got for me really looks great on the wall.  The whole thing makes me happy.

We’ve been talking about what we’re doing on the backyard this spring /summer.  We are putting in a patio which will hold our three grills and a table for the “kitchen” area.  Then on the opposite side, we’re putting our big table with all the chairs and the umbrella.  On the deck, we’re going to put Vicki’s patio furniture with a sail to provide shade.

The deck needs painting so it will be power washed, scraped and repainted.  Next weekend we’re going to buy the supplies for the patio and Ken will start on it.  It is probably going to take a few weekends.  This is probably the big project for the summer but there are all sorts of little projects which need to get done.

I read two books and am almost done with a third.  I was looking for another series which I’m part way through and found this one.  They have been amusing and sexy.  The writing and the story is all right but a little repetitive.  They are almost more long short stories than full novels.  I’m also not sure the over arching plot will be finished by the end of the three so that is a bit annoying.

It was a good weekend.  We were busy but not too busy.  We got a lot done and we had some down time.  Now I’m off to write.  I have my 11:00 pm alarm set and I’ll try to remember to not turn it off.

Catching Up

Over the weekend, I got three manuscripts edited and worked on two other manuscripts.  Ken and Vicki did all the errands on Saturday.  Sunday we went out to breakfast.  We have a couple of places we like but wanted to try other places.  So we went somewhere other than our favorites.

The food looked and tasted good but all three of us had unpleasant stomach issues after going to this place.  We will not be returning to that place for a Sunday meal again.

Saturday, I spent a couple hours at Natureland.  I can’t hike anymore which makes me exceedingly sad as it’s such a nice park.  I sat in my car and edited while the beauty of the place helped me cope with a few things.  I parked in an end stall in order to be out of the way and in the shade.  The tree closest to it seemed to reach down to try to tease me.

It was productive for me to be there.  I turned my phone down.  I worked on editing.  I watched the lake and the trees.  I watched the people come and go.  I wrote two scenes (by hand which means I need to type them up).

Sunday Vicki and I worked on food prep for the week.  I cut up a bunch of stuff for her for lunches and supper tonight.  I made pudding for Ken and Vicki.  We got a lot of stuff done.

Surprisingly, we sold the snare drum which has been on Facebook.  I thought we were going to sell Vicki’s table and chairs but unfortunately the guy never showed.  When I messaged him, he said he couldn’t get a van.  It would have been nice if he had let me know.

We still have a few things to sell and they are listed on Facebook.  I’ll see how they go.

Every weekend we’re working on things in the house.  Ken’s been painting our bedroom.  We picked a color and they went to get.  I thought it was darker but didn’t say anything.  Ken got two walls done and had to go back for more paint.  When they mixed the color, it was different.  There was a bit of back and forth.  It was decided whoever mixed the first gallon did it wrong.  So they got the new gallon for free.  They talked about leaving one of the walls the darker color and painting the other three walls the lighter color.  I’m good with that.

Vicki’s been working on getting her space more organized.  She’s been painting, building shelves (book and bedside table) and a desk.  She’s been working on organizing her books, getting lists made, and making it portable so she can have lists so she knows what she needs to purchase.

I’ve got several crochet projects I need to work on but the writing has been pushing me.  I’ve finished a number of things.  I have a meeting with my artist to see about covers and other things.  I’m hoping to finish several projects and get them published soon.

I’ve been getting journals from all sorts of places.  I took one of them and made it into my writing to do list sort of.  On one page I outlined what I’ve got the projects I’m working on.  I’ve been losing track of what stage I’m at for different projects.  This means I’m doing work twice when I shouldn’t have to.  Hopefully this will help me keep better track of where I am for the projects.  It will also prompt me to work on different aspects of the projects like writing the synopsis and so on.

In the journal I think I’m going to work on pages for marketing things as well.  Maybe take a page per book and write where I’ve sent requests for book reviews.  I have a hard time tracking this which again leads to a duplication of work.

I feel like I’ve been so busy, I hardly have time to breath.  I know it’s good because I keep going but there are times I want to just take a moment.  I guess that’s why I went to Natureland – to take a moment.  Even though I was editing, it changed my perspective.