I’ve found myself in a bad place with reading books right now.  I have one book I hate.  I read two chapters of it last night and wanted to throw the book (i.e. my kindle) across the room.  I’ve been struggling to finish this book since June of last year.  The JD Robb book I’m reading is slow.  I’m a tad bored with it.  I’ve read it before.  It gets better but I feel like I won’t get to that part.  The Sagara book is just tedious.  I can’t stand to listen to more than a chapter at a time.

My strategy to get through these books is this.  Tonight I’m going to skim the beginning of each chapter of the BAD book.  I’m going to read the last two chapters and finish the damn thing. 

For the JD Robb book, I’m going to listen to the opening of the chapters and see how I feel about where I am in the book.  I’ve read this book two or three times already so I don’t feel obligated to read every word.  I’ll likely skim ahead until I get to the parts I like.  I know once I reach a certain point in the book, I’m going to want to listen to the whole thing. 

For the Sagara book, I’m going to continue to intersperse a chapter or two at a time with other books. 

I love to read.  I enjoy falling into a story and getting lost for hours as I traverse the world the author has created but these three are just annoying me.  I know the next JD Robb one won’t annoy me.  I’m not going to pick up any more by the BAD book’s author – not ever.  I hear from my daughter that the Sagara books I’m behind – there are three – two of them are like the one I’m currently reading (so this one and one more) and the third one out is back to her usual format and story telling set up.  I’ll get to a good book.  I think it’s going to take a few days – unfortunately.


My life is all about juggling the different aspects of it.  I’m working on a story that is pounding in my head and wanting out.  I have 11,000 plus words done in it already.  I’m also working on holiday gifts of which I have about thirty to make. 

Thursdays are my early day to leave.  I get off work an hour earlier which means I’m home earlier and have more time with Ken.  Last night I spent it with him, eating supper, watching West Wing, and crocheting. 

By nine last night, I had two gifts done and had listened to a couple of hours of my book.  I have three hours left in the book and am hoping to finish it tonight, along with a couple more gifts.  Right now I’m working on the gifts for student workers.  Once I have their gifts done (hopefully this weekend) I’ll start on the faculty gifts. 

I could have worked longer last night and started a third gift.  I thought about it but opted for sleep instead.  This week has been a good sleeping week for me with me actually having a couple of nights where I get more than two hours at a time. 

As I was crocheting last night I was thinking about the things I have to get done today.  In order to remember them all, I texted my email a list of what I wanted to remember.  Once I get home, I’ll be tackling that list before I go back to crocheting and listening to my book. 

My daughter – have I mentioned that my kids can be a bit smart ass? – my daughter told me the name of the next book in the series.  I told her I wanted to try to listen to a different book once I was done with the current one I’m listening to.  She laughed at me.  This does not seem appropriately respectful but not an uncommon occurrence.  Now of course I know the name of the next book in the series, I’ll want to read it. 

To be honest, I am digging the story of Eve and Rourke.  JD Robb (i.e Nora Roberts) is a master crafter of this story and I am thoroughly enjoying it – again.  I think this is the third or fourth time I’ve read through the entire story.

I’ll get to the other books eventually.  I hope I will.  I’m sure it will happen eventually.  I’ll get tired of the JD Robb ones – there are a couple in the series I’m not so thrilled with – and then I’ll switch over.  However, my goal is to finish Immortal in Death and then switch to Cast in Peril.  I just don’t know if that will work as my inner reader rules when it comes to what I listen to. 

Ken and I were talking about the schedule for the weekend.  We only have one commitments so that means a quiet weekend – hopefully.  I’m hoping Sunday will be a good day to sit and crochet all day – hopefully finish a number of projects and gifts. 

Saturday I’m hoping to work on manuscripts but I’ll have to see what all we decide to do.  Ken was talking about errands.  It will depend on what and when he wants to do them.  I have a stack of coupons I have to sort out – some for me and some for the girls.  At some point I’d like to clear off the couch as it is filled with manuscripts, crocheting, mail, and other random things.  Maybe I should make a to do list?