Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams  Children of Chaos Series by Kae Galla Genre: Paranormal Romance There are stories and legends written, all around the world, about my father. Many of those tales, although highly fictionalized, do speak some semblance of truth. My father is what you’d call “The Sandman.” For eternity, the men in my family have traversed … Continue reading Sweet Dreams

A Book to Last the Year

A Book to Last the Year Volume 1: Fantasy Calendar Anthology Fantasy with stories by Kae Galla, Philip K. Chase, Thomas Wythe, Tahera Mannan, Davina Purnell, Sheri Chapman, Summer Sky, Tammy R. Ray, Aim Ruivivar, S.B. Rhodes Prepare to be spellbound on a spine tingling journey within the pages of, A Book to Last the … Continue reading A Book to Last the Year


Starburst A Place To Call Home Book 1 by KAE Galla Genre: Paranormal Romance Nova spent years in a world she didn’t belong, never knowing who or what she is. Years of questions and confusion, but the time has come for her to find out who she really is and where she belongs. Does she … Continue reading Starburst