New Crochet Patterns Published

I've been busy crocheting and reading.  Vicki asked me for new dishtowels.  This is a great opportunity for me to try out different stitch sequences.  In doing this, I created two new dishtowel patterns.  Doubled Up Dishtowel and Drop Stitch Dishtowel both offer a different style.  I like them both and think Vicki liked the … Continue reading New Crochet Patterns Published

Easy Trivet Crochet Pattern

Last night I spent a bit of time working on a revamp of a pattern Vicki liked and I hated.  She likes the way it looks and I hated the pattern.  The end result - a new pattern written.  Ironically, I was all I don't want a new phone.  I don't need a smart phone … Continue reading Easy Trivet Crochet Pattern

Crafting Projects

I’ve been very productive with crocheting lately.  I finished a kitchen set for my nephew, which included dish towels, dish cloths, sponges, and potholders.  I finished a sort of similar set for one of my nieces.  Vicki asked me to make bibs for one of her student workers who was becoming a first time dad.  … Continue reading Crafting Projects