New Crochet Patterns Published

I’ve been busy crocheting and reading.  Vicki asked me for new dishtowels.  This is a great opportunity for me to try out different stitch sequences.  In doing this, I created two new dishtowel patterns.  Doubled Up Dishtowel and Drop Stitch Dishtowel both offer a different style.  I like them both and think Vicki liked the towels she got out of them.

The plaid scarf was part of gift for one of my student workers.  She is graduating.  She is crazy about plaid so I made her a plaid scarf.  I love how it turned out.  It is vibrant and fun.

These are available on Smashwords:

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I’ve still got other patterns I need to get typed up.  I need a secretary!  But for now, I’m off to explore a newly discovered yarn store.  Ken will grumble but I think I’ll enjoy it.

Easy Trivet Crochet Pattern

Last night I spent a bit of time working on a revamp of a pattern Vicki liked and I hated.  She likes the way it looks and I hated the pattern.  The end result – a new pattern written.  Ironically, I was all I don’t want a new phone.  I don’t need a smart phone and yet the smart phone helped me get to the point where I could publish this pattern.  I used the note app to write the pattern as I worked.  I used the camera to take pictures of the project.  It turned out nicely and will be available for sale on Amazon and Smashwords today.

This trivet is three dimensional so it cushions your hot pan from your table.  Quick and easy, bright and cheerful, this pattern offers an alternative to a hot pad and a way to use up scrap yarn.  Made with crochet cotton, it is durable, practical and pretty.

Go to my web site to check it out

Crafting Projects

I’ve been very productive with crocheting lately.  I finished a kitchen set for my nephew, which included dish towels, dish cloths, sponges, and potholders.  I finished a sort of similar set for one of my nieces.  Vicki asked me to make bibs for one of her student workers who was becoming a first time dad.  I asked if she wanted a small blanket and she said YES (of course) so those are done. 
Now I’m down to the octagonal blanket for Vicki I’m working on.  I’ve worked on it the last two nights.  Last night I did two and a half rows.  That is because it is circular (sort of) and I’m working my way around the outside edge.  It gets bigger with every row.  I’m about half done with it. 

When I work bigger projects like this I like to have little projects I can intersperse so I feel like I’m making progress.  It also keeps me from feeling like I’m in a rut with my crocheting.  I’ve got three more kitchen sets to do and two pairs of slippers to do for smaller projects.  I was going to give it a few days before I picked up another little project but my niece Cristi stopped in to my work yesterday. 
She totally threw her cousins under the bus and said she should be the next one to get her kitchen set.  I like to find out what sort of options they want – more pot holders or sponges vs dishcloths or whatever.  I have her very specific order so I guess I’ll pull out her colors and switch baskets.
Vicki got me this lovely basket with handles last summer.  It holds a LOT of crocheting.  She recently picked me up another one.  I have small projects in the one and large projects in the other. 
After I finish all the stuff I’ve mentioned here, in the lineup for definite projects I have an afghan for my oldest daughter, a faculty member, and one niece, kitchen sets for three nieces, graduation gifts for three students workers, a wrap for me, and berets for two of my faculty members.  Off the top of my head I need to get that all done fairly soon because I need to start thinking about what I’ll be making for gifts for the holidays and get to work on them.  I have some beautiful fleece that I want to use for shawls or scarves or – well I’m always open to suggestions.