The American Public has spoken

The news is good from both Ohio and Mississippi.  Ohioans told the government to leave collective bargaining alone.  Mississippians protected women’s reproductive rights.  Perhaps this will tell the Tea Party and other conservatives that they aren’t really representing the majority but in reality a minority.
The leaders who are following the radical right conservative should take note.  The public – you know the people who voted you into office – are out in force saying “We don’t like what you are doing.” 
My only hope now is that here in Wisconsin we can recall Walker and Kleefisch.  Then we can work on repairing the damage they did – though it is unlikely we will get the billion dollars back that Walker has cost us.  Hopefully though, we will be able to repair the damage done to workers’ rights and to the educational system. 
This is just the first step in the right direction.  The optimist in me is hoping it is just one of many steps on the journey to recovery for our country.