Undeniable Always Book 3 by Lexxie Couper Genre: Contemporary Romance It was all background noise, until he made her stop and listen. Chase is tough, snarky, witty and fiercely loyal to her family. She is also hearing impaired, which makes the world around her sound like white noise a lot of the time. But that’s … Continue reading Undeniable


Unforgettable Always Book 2 by Lexxie Couper Genre: Contemporary Romance Sometimes being an optimist is hard work. Brendon Osmond’s an optimist, a fitness geek, a man with a plan and the drive to achieve it. He’s sure he knows everything there is to know about his life and where it’s headed—until he gets one brief … Continue reading Unforgettable


Unconditional Always Book 1 by Lexxie Couper Genre: Contemporary Romance Life’s great — it’s the terminal degenerative disease that sucks. Maci is young, smart and about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. It looks like she has the world at her feet, but appearances can be deceiving. Because Maci is not like other … Continue reading Unconditional