Clean Slate: Diva’s Ink

by Liberty Parker


Emory Masters has a life she loves, working with her sisters in their tattoo parlor. Helping people find the thing that will allow them to show their artistic side makes her smile. And then there’s Marcus. A long-standing admiration for one another has turned into something more…maybe love?


Marcus Thompson, a local firefighter, has had Emory in his sights for a long time now and when they finally begin dating, he thinks his life is complete. But lately, Emory has been distant and pushing him away. When he follows her one day, he finds out the reason behind her reticence to take their relationship to the next level.

Will Emory’s news bring them closer or tear them apart? And can Ariel and Rainey handle not knowing what’s happening? Or will Emory wipe it all away and give herself a…clean slate.